Sirry wrong link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLK3_J6YYW8&t=6s

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I watched the video and agree with Ruel's analysis. The hacker used the same name (roninwallet) but in a different domain (.net instead of .io) and then bought an ad for the domain name "roninwallet.net" in Google Adwords.

So now everyone who first does a search for "roninwallet" in Google gets directed to the phishing site where they followed steps that closely mimicked legit instructions but with one crucial step added: to COPY-PASTE YOUR PASSPHARASE somewhere where the hacker now has access to it.

Fortunately, somebody in Google has disabled the Adwords ad and the perp hacker has deleted his tracks by de-registering the domain name "roninwallet.net". Somebody should investigate this further and determine the registry where the hacker registered the bad domain name. That registry should still have the record of who bought that domain name.

The bottom line is that this particular phishing site is gone. There will be others, so be careful out there.

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same happened to me

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To count your opp's energy, use this beautiful community-made tool:


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I have visited the support channel from Axie discord and I was shocked about the hacking issue. Some user telling that they did not share their seed phrase, or did not save it electronically. Also, one user said that his device is clean, without a virus.

Now, my comment is that some of them will not accept their negligence, and that's for sure. Why? For me, just guessing the seed phrase is very difficult and wasting time for the hacker to do it just to generate random words.

I'm pretty sure that these victims signed up or created their Ronin wallet from the fake source (Phishing). Their device maybe compromised - either via cookies, keylogger, RAT or any kind of virus that capture the inputs and send back to the hacker.

If the Ronin wallet has a BUG, for sure, more & more victims. That's why I bought a Trezor not because of the virus, but the hacker might exploit the Ronin Wallet.

I also think that why the devs don't put 2FA on it, and JIHO from Axie said: The only way is to use a Trezor. If we will notice, Metamask also don't have any feature of 2FA, so it means it is really hard for them to implement it? or they are partnered with the Trezor? I'm not sure about it.

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Thank you for going out of your way to help the hacked. The lamp you carry illuminates the paths of many.

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