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Point 7 is what people who enter into axie for the mere reason of MONEY will never understand. it’s not manipulative text, it’s fact. And every true gamer knows this.

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Hmmm..just a point. If Axie is being marketed as play to earn, then wouldn't it make the majority of players have that single goal or mindset of earning? Essentially trading their time for potential money (note the word potential) - higher risk, higher reward as opposed to working.

Its a bit like creating a stock market - its main reason for investing time, money and effort (educating oneself about the market) is to earn.

I feel like if the are no monetary value for a good return on investment in the stock market - no one would use it.

Similarly here with Axie, if the potential to earn is gone for whatever reason - I doubt people will stick around for entertainment value, as there a more exciting and entertaining game out there.

I could be wrong, but I think if they really want to make the Axie marketplace a long term play to earn - they have to do exactly that! Make sure it is a place where people need to earn. If not, it will collapse.

Even if people do find it entertaining, it will not generate income, as mentioned above, there are better options out there to be entertained.

They have to deliver on the promise that players can earn - I think this is the bottom line.

Just a thought, hope no one takes any offence to my thoughts =)

Cheers guys

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Lol. A Ponzi is always Ponzi. No matter how you write about it.

People are not entertained playing this game. They play for the money. Cut the monetary incentive out, and this Ponzi game is over.

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There is always a self-life for "HOTNESS" of the "Gacha Game" it's only good for 3 years.

#7 is already a ponzi scheme... Sugarcoat it or NOT, it's always has been.

When the times come, We cannot make a DEMAND from out of nowhere, and We cannot make SUPPLY without destroying something.

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Point 7 is exactly why this game is a ponzi scheme. You should get some education before posting such manipulative texts.

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if we remove the notion of entertainment, will they the act of breeding is to sell to the next person? and it works until it stops working... this dance?

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