Somehow, people judge their grocery budget closely (which is what, $300 at most?) but fail to do due diligence on "investing". Somehow "blockchain is transparent" gets conflated with "blockchain is safe".

Maybe tech as a background is too much of an unfair advantage for us?

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If that's the case then we should be doing everything that we can to spread out that advantage to more people :)

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I have been planning on making a course on "website from scratch" and really dig down into the "old school" way of doing it (e.g. write html, shared hosting, use ftp to upload, eventually move into getting your own server, setting up apache, then into PHP, then maybe Ruby or JS or Python, etc.) to really nail down fundamentals.

Tagalog/Pilipino sana, para madali maintindihan. Pero, idk, di ko mahanapan ng time or motivation.

And with AI on the rise, sometimes I see no point in doing the course anymore. Haha.

Maybe I've become cynical.

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Ah... the fools!!!

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